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Trying to do math in your head while you run isn’t easy. You don’t want to be taken out of your zone or distracted from your music. If you have an upcoming race or just want to get precise with your workouts, you should have a pace converter at your disposal to help you reach your goals. We at Runner’s World have that exact tool above, so you know exactly what pace to run—whether in miles or kilometers.

Why should you use a pace converter?

Because metric conversions are complicated. In the United States, we use the imperial system to measure distance. Therefore, a marathon is 26.2 miles instead of 42.195 kilometers. But at the same time, we still quantify shorter races, like 5Ks and 10Ks, in the metric system. And if you’re running, say, the Berlin Marathon, you’re going to need to know your kilometer splits—the race doesn’t have mile markers.

Miles don’t intuitively convert to kilometers, and vice versa. Our pace converter helps you figure out exactly what pace you need to run.

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How do I use the pace converter?

Enter a value into any of the fields, and the converter spits out the information you left blank. For example, if your goal is to run 8 miles in one hour, punch that into the miles per hour field. You’ll learn that 8 miles per hour is 7:30 per mile, 4:39 minutes per kilometer, and equivalent to 12.87 kilometers per hour.

Bonus: The pace calculator helps make sense of your treadmill pace

Many treadmills display your pace per mile, but if you’re stuck with one that lacks that functionality, don’t panic. Just type in your training pace into our pace converter, click calculate, and you’ll get your miles per hour. Set your treadmill to the appropriate miles per hour, and you’re all set.

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