If you’ve been meaning to try a genetic test, but missed Amazon’s Black Friday deal on 23AndMe, there’s still hope. For Cyber Monday, Amazon has discounted the AncestryDNA test to its lowest price ever.

Right now, you can score the at-home genetic test for $54.99. Usually it costs $99.

If you’re looking to fill in missing pieces about your family history, the AncestryDNA kit is a great option.

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Here’s how it works: You send in a swab of your saliva and the company matches your DNA sample to DNA profiles around the world. They’ll then send you an analysis of your ancestry, plus, they compare your DNA with more than 3 million other samples which could help you locate long-lost living relatives.

While it’s an effective test for uncovering your origin story, unlike 23AndMe, AncestryDNA won’t scan your genes for health information. For detailed health information, you can still get the 23AndMe test at a discount—it’s on sale for $129, instead of $199.

Similarly, you can learn more about the interplay between your genetics and nutrition with the Orig3n test. It’s on sale on Amazon for $74.99 for Cyber Monday, down from the usual $149 price tag.

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